Barbie: The Movie – In Concert at Oak Mountain Amphitheatre

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Oak Mountain Amphitheatre - AL | Birmingham, Alabama


As the summer heat turns up, get ready to dance the night away right at Barbie Land. The award-winning film "Barbie: The Movie" is heading back to the big stage, coming to an amphitheater near you. On a giant LED screen, the movie will be played in its full glory. But wait, there's more! Produced by Overture Global Entertainment, Live Nation and Mattel have teamed up to bring you the full-on Barbie concert experience. Live music will be served by The Barbie Land Sinfonietta, playing enchanting arrangement of the movie's award-winning score, side-by-side. Led by Orchestrator and Executive Producer Macy Schmidt, the all-women and majority women-of-color orchestra is bound to impress. Hitting 37 cities this year, Barbie Land is taking over Oak Mountain Amphitheatre on Tuesday, August 6. Celebrate the music of Barbie as the night turns pink! Book your tickets now!

2023's highest-grossing film is heading back to the big screen. This year, Barbie Land is painting the sky pink as Barbie: The Movie - In Concert hits amphitheaters nationwide. Projected onto a giant LED screen, the movie's award-winning soundtrack is brought to life by The Barbie Land Sinfonietta, live on stage. Under the starry night, Orchestrator and Executive Producer Macy Schmidt will be leading an all-women and majority women-of-color orchestra. Witness a world-class talented musicians serving an enchanting twist to the sounds of Barbie. It's a one-of-a-kind experience you can't miss!

BARBIE™ THE MOVIE: IN CONCERT™ is kicking off a North American tour this summer. As the heat turns up, Overture Global Entertainment, Live Nation, and Mattel are bringing Barbie Land to the live stage. The Barbie Land Sinfonietta is set to unleash the Barbie girl inside of everyone through the magic of their strings. Performing magical renditions of the movie's score, it's a fantastic time to sing and dance the night away. Limited edition merchandise are also up for grabs. Also, every corner is an IG photoshoot opportunity as the venue turns pink.

"Audiences of all ages flocked to theaters last summer to celebrate the joy of the Barbie movie together, Josh Silverman, chief franchise officer at Matter, shared in a statement. "Now fans have the opportunity to further celebrate Barbie with an unforgettable live musical experience, led by an incredibly talented all-women orchestra.

It's more than just another movie screening... it's a chance to relive the iconic moments from the record-shattering film. Moreover, it's an immersive concert wherein every tune comes to life. The power of music sure is something special... the film bagged a total of over 460 nominations, winning about 120 awards and accolades from various academies and organizations. These include 8 Academy Awards and 11 Grammy nominations. They scored three wins at the Grammy awards, namely Song of the Year, Best Song Written for Visual Media, and Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media.

"Music lends so much heart and excitement to the Barbie film; between the stunning and clever orchestral score and the upbeat iconic pop soundtrack, music is carrying us through the story," Schmidt shared in a statement.

Women just keep on winning! Partnering with Mattel's core purpose for Barbie is what drives Schmidt to pursue music. "I’ve been so inspired by Mattel’s genuine commitment to everything this film stands for. I am particularly excited to be partnering with Mattel as I have long been inspired by Barbie’s purpose statement: ‘to inspire the limitless potential in every girl.’ she explained.

To inspire limitless potential in every girl, now that's a powerful statement. Indeed, the Barbie movie and the whole franchise have dazzled and empowered the lives of young women around the world.

We're excited to see enchanting renditions of your favorite Barbie hits! These include "Speed Drive" by Charlie XCX, "Pink" by Lizzo, "Journey to the Real World" by Tame Impala, "Dance the Night" by Dua Lipa, "What Was I Made For" by Billie Eilish, and many more. Get ready for heaven-sent performances by The Barbie Land Sinfonietta.

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Barbie at Oak Mountain Amphitheatre - AL

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